Friday, 12 April 2013

Review: La Tulipe Lipstick 23

Hello, readers!
So, have you seen "Beauty" tab today? Yes, this is the first post for "Beauty" section and it means, this is my first beauty product review. Well, I added a Beauty section in my blog because I realize that I have a bunch of beauty products (locals and internationals!) and many of you are sometimes googled for a review of a product before you try it on you. Of course, you will believe a mark that said, "No animal tested" or testimonial "Good for any various skin type!", but... Are you totally believing it? :p


Okay, not much jibber jabber, I present you La Tulipe Lipstick 23. La Tulipe Cosmetiques is a local brand that founded in 1980. 

I got this lipstick as my birthday gift from my aunt. Actually, this is the best birthday gift ever since I never use a lipstick before:D 

This lipstick contains vitamin E and also gives you a mosturizer lips. The color of the lipstick is match to my skin. It also has a sexy, classy, and elegant body with cap off and twist the tube. 

The first layer

The second layer

The third layer

A scary photo of my scary make up:D

The price is 38,900 if you brought through sukamart. This lipstick fits on my skin tone, so sexy. It also smells like candy and leaves you a pinkish lips in few hours ahead. You don't need to smear the lipstick again! :D Anyway, I use the lipstick on this photoshoot  if you want to see further how it looks on my lips(: 

 What's your favorite lipstick at the moment, girls? 
 Why don't you try La Tulipe Lipstick 23?(:

P.S: Forgive my awkward languages because it's my first review:D I hope you guys love it!

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