Friday, 5 September 2014


Hi everyone!
How are you doing? If you are my readers and Directioner, you are lucky - you can win One Direction's  a limited edition makeup set (before it’s released to the public)! 

OMG AYA, THAT'S GREAT! But can you tell me more about Make Up By One Direction?
Sure! Have you seen Niall's tweet about it? If you are not, click here, you are not late! So, the boys created this make up line for you, my Directioner readers that is still young and energetic! They want you to emphasis your uniqueness and boldness. There are three tins that inspired by One Direction #1 worldwide best selling albums: Up All Night, Take Me Home, and Midnight Memories. Each tin complete with everything you need to emphasis your uniqueness: rock and roll girl, fun girl, the sweet girl next door! Well, what more can you not love these boys? ((:

OMG AYA, THAT'S AMAZING! But, how can we win this make up set?
Just click here! Don't forget to like the official Make Up By One Direction facebook page here!

So, what are you waiting for?
Go enter and win it before anyone else! (;

*this is a sponsored post*

Friday, 29 August 2014


How are you doing, guys?
University madness is going to start soon. I blame on my study desk that is simply boring and not fun for my bad grade. I admit I was lazy to study there hmm. So, this semester, I re-decorated my study desk, and make it as a place where I can get any inspiration from. FYI, I used to only decorated inside the cupboard of my study desk (you can see how it looks on here and completely so-German here). 
  I called my study desk as an "Mind Elevating". 

"Destroy what Destroys You". Do you believe that it was a collage of little papers? 


closer. Do you believe it now? ((:
other side of my study desk. I called this "Inspiration Board". What can you spot?

a bit closer to "Inspiration Board".

If you say you can spot Harry Styles and Gemma Styles, you're right (; 

If you say you can spot Harry Styles, you're right. He's damn hot! I don't think I can focus on my study! ((:


my favourite quotes. The last one is from my favourite book, "Eleanor & Park"

What is music without The Beatles? ((:

Hi, Niall ((: